Reviews of the Works of John E. Stith

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Manhattan Transfer

"Manhattan Transfer starts off with a bang and seldom lets up the pace. It succeeds as a chronicle of the human spirit. It is Highly Recommended."

1993-02-01 February 1993 Circle of Janus Greg Dunn view
Manhattan Transfer

"This is the kind of story that brought me to SF. Put a little fun back into your life and read Manhattan Transfer."

1992-12-01 December 1992 Science Fiction Chronicle Don D'Ammassa view
Manhattan Transfer

"With Manhattan Transfer he's outdone himself. It's a book filled with invention, excitement, and entirely believable characters."

1992-12-01 Author quote Author quote Joel Rosenberg view
Manhattan Transfer

"Manhattan Transfer is filled with interesting ideas and a knockout climax! It is the type of novel that originally got me reading science fiction."

1992-10-30 Author quote Author quote Kevin J. Anderson view
Manhattan Transfer

"Welcome back to the Golden Age! John E. Stith's Manhattan Transfer is exactly the kind of novel that hooked most of us on SF in the first place: a grand sense-of-wonder premise; a breakneck pace; dozens of really neat ideas per chapter."

1992-10-03 Author quote Author quote Robert J. Sawyer view
Manhattan Transfer

"Manhattan Transfer has everything good SF demands: real human beings, true aliens, awesome technology, and a conflict of staggering importance. This one's going to win John Stith a lot of new fans."

1992-09-27 Author quote Author quote Kevin O'Donnell Jr. view
Manhattan Transfer

"John E. Stith continues in the re-birth of a science-lover's science fiction."

1992-09-26 Author quote Author quote Paul Levinson view
Manhattan Transfer

"Manhattan Transfer proves once again that John E. Stith is the true successor to Arthur C. Clarke and Hal Clement as the modern master of the hard science novel."

1992-08-31 Author quote Author quote Mike Resnick view
Manhattan Transfer

"Cleverly drawn characters, an irresistible plot, an astonishing premise. All written with the superb skill of a truly polished science fiction master."

1992-08-17 Author quote Author quote William Barton view
Redshift Rendezvous

"Perfect Science Fiction Mystery Hybrid.... I look forward to return voyages in the Redshift and other Stith vessels that speculate on the stretching of natural laws and its effect on humans."

Full review reposted here.

1991-06-01 Vol 15 No. 1 Journal of Social & Evolutionary Systems Paul Levinson view
Redshift Rendezvous

"Good stuff."

1991-01-01 Dec-Jan 1990-1991 Vesctor Cecil Nurse view
Redshift Rendezvous

"This is a book for hard-science fans to revel in, and for all who like a well-written story to enjoy. Warmly recommended."

1990-12-01 December 1990 Ottawa SF Society Statement Sansoucy Walker view
Redshift Rendezvous

"The entertaining descriptions of the effect of relativity and light speed on the perceptions enliven this convincing tale."

1990-11-03 3 November 1990 Toronto Star John North view
Redshift Rendezvous


1990-10-21 21 October 1990 New York Times Book Review Gerald Jonas view
Redshift Rendezvous

"Redshift Rendezvous represents an ingenious exploration of an idea in a manner that only science fiction can allow."

1990-09-01 September 1990 Locus Dan Chow view
Redshift Rendezvous

"With one stroke, John Stith drags the theory of relativity out of the lab and dumps it right in our laps. Riveting hard science background."

1990-08-01 No. 12 Reading for Pleasure Cindy Bartorillo view
"Naught for Hire"

"The July issue [of ANALOG] has a great story by John E. Stith called 'Naught for Hire.'"

Later Note: "Naught for Hire" won the 1991 HOMer Award for Best Science Fiction Novella, made the Locus 1991 Recommended Reading List, and won 3rd place novella for the 1991 Analog Analytical Laboratoy Award.

1990-07-01 Summer 1990 Science Fiction Review Dean Wesley Smith view
Redshift Rendezvous

"The hardest part about reviewing Redshift Rendezvous is trying to figure out how to explain why it's as good as it is without giving away too much of the plot."

1990-07-01 Summer 1990 Science Fiction Review Gene DeWeese view
Redshift Rendezvous

"A high-techie's delight."

1990-07-01 July 1990 Isaac Asimov's SF Magazine Baird Searles view
Redshift Rendezvous

"This is a very fine novel of mystery and suspense, in which hard-science happens to play an important role. This is another book I can recommend highly."

1990-07-01 July 1990 FOSFAX Timothy Lane view
Redshift Rendezvous

"Stith has turned in a truly interesting hard sf novel. Everyone who has complained about the lack of scientific speculation in recent fiction owes it to themselves to pick up on this one."

1990-07-01 Summer 1990 Bakka Bookie Sheet, The unknown view
Redshift Rendezvous

"Redshift Rendezvous contains an imaginative spark that makes science skip, hop, and do cart-wheels."

1990-07-01 ?? 1990 Visions Victor Valdez view
Redshift Rendezvous

"Its best parts... come from Stith's careful and amusing working-out of interstellar travel by means of a space in which the speed of light is 10 meters per second."

1990-07-01 July 1990 Drood Review of Mystery Ed Blachman view
Redshift Rendezvous

"[Redshift Rendezvous is] a unique, fascinating hard SF novel. Recommended."

1990-06-15 15 June 1990 Library Journal unknown view
Redshift Rendezvous

"The novel is heavy on the science, but this does not detract from Stith's gift for character development. [Stith] gets better with each book."

1990-06-10 10 June 1990 Rocky Mountain News Mark Graham view