Reviews of the Works of John E. Stith

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Deep Quarry

"A fun romp."

1989-07-01 July/August 1989 Aboriginal SF Janice Eisen view
Deep Quarry

"I let a couple of John Stith's SF mysteries go by without checking them out.... If I'd been a little faster off the mark, I could have turned you on to a good thing earlier...."

1989-06-01 June 1989 Isaac Asimov's SF Magazine Baird Searles view
Deep Quarry

"Sense of wonder story-telling at its best, with enough danger to keep me reading long past my bedtime. Come on. You've been good. You deserve to read Deep Quarry.... Stith can do it every time."

1989-06-01 June 1989 Magazine of Fantasy & SF Orson Scott Card view
Deep Quarry

"Fun, fast & entertaining."

1989-04-09 Bakka (Books) Bookie Sheet Unknown view
Deep Quarry

""[Deep Quarry is] bright and breezy, flip and fast....

1989-04-01 April 1989 Analog Tom Easton view
Deep Quarry

"Science fiction with a sense of humor."

1989-04-01 April 1989 Mensa Bulletin Tom Elliott view
Deep Quarry

"Intriguing, often amusing.... Light-hearted fun for mystery and SF fans alike."

1989-03-01 March 1989 Science Fiction Chronicle Don D'Ammassa view
Deep Quarry

"What makes this all the more amazing is that it is written under the conventions of a hard-boiled detective novel--only it had to be science fiction--and it is good at both."

1989-03-01 March 1989 FOSFAX Joseph T. Major view
Deep Quarry

"A fun cross-genre fling."

1989-03-01 March 1989 Locus Carolyn Cushman view
Deep Quarry

"Successful blend of sf and hard-boiled detective fiction."

1989-02-15 15 February 1989 Library Journal Jackie Cassada view
Deep Quarry

"My favorite kind of story--a novel that starts small, then slowly builds in momentum until it fairly explodes with excitement. Deep Quarry is intriguing, mystery/science fiction at its best."

1989-02-01 Feb/Mar 1989 Rave Reviews Dorothy Renko view
Deep Quarry

"Stith's writing is good."

1989-02-01 February 1989 Drood Review of Mystery Ed Blachman view
Deep Quarry

"Watch for Stith's next book."

1989-01-29 29 January 1989 Denver Post Don C. Thompson view
Deep Quarry

... breathes new life into the essential components of the murder mystery -- wisecracking detectives ... classy dames, corpses ...  by setting his novels in science fictional environments. The SF is not mere window dressing, but an essential story element.


Deep Quarry should appeal to both mystery and SF fans. ... Stith's earlier novels [list] may be hard to find, but are well worth the effort.

1989-01-01 Issue 20 Grab-Bag Rita J. McConville view
Deep Quarry

"Excellent...Highly readable."

1989-01-01 1/1/1989 Erg Quarterly Terry Jeeves view
Deep Quarry

"[Deep Quarry is] a strong, interesting, satisfying mix of comfortable themes from two genres that rarely seem to mix this happily."

1989-01-01 Winter 1989 OtherRealms Chuq Von Rospach view
Redshift Rendezvous

"This is absolutely one of the most terrific ideas for an SF novel I've seen in years. My first thought was, 'Why couldn't I have come up with this?' My second thought, too."

1989-01-01 Author quote Author quote Connie Willis view
Deep Quarry

"If you're looking for a way to spend an afternoon or evening with a nice interesting book, this is a good one."

1988-11-01 November 1988 Journal of Mind Pollution Irv Koch view
Deep Quarry

"A worthy addition to such delights as Memory Blank."

1988-10-01 October 1988 FOSFAX Timothy Lane view
Death Tolls

"Stith draws upon his background in the Air Force with NORAD, and at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland."

1988-03-01 March 1988 Mensa Bulletin Tom Elliott view
Death Tolls

"It's fun."

1987-11-01 November 1987 Science Fiction Chronicle Don D'Ammassa view
Death Tolls

"Stith adds superb technological detail to a classic whodunit. This novel should appeal to both SF and mystery fans."

1987-10-01 Issue 7 Grab Bag Rita McConville view
Death Tolls

"...succeeded where so many others have failed.... respectable both as science fiction and as mystery."

1987-09-01 September 1987 Drood Review of Mystery Ed Blachman view
Death Tolls

"There is a great deal of light humor scattered about the book, and some fine suspense.... I definitely recommend this book."

1987-09-01 September 1987 FOSFAX Timothy Lane view
Memory Blank


1987-01-01 Date unknown Voice of Youth Advocates unknown view