First Readers

Sometimes when I finish a new work I ask if first readers are interested in getting a free, advance look (in electronic form) in exchange for their reactions.

If you're interested in being on my list, here's the information I would appreciate having: your email address, any e-format preference (e.g. html, epub, mobi, doc, pdf), and the genres you enjoy (e.g. SF, mystery). Please email your information to me. My email is jestith ((at)) neverend ((dot)) com.

What I ask of you: I welcome any impressions you have. I'm not really going after typos, though you're free to mention them if you like. I'm interested in the things that cause you to like or not like a work--do you care for the characters, is the story entertaining, does the humor work, have I goofed in some of my research? In short, anything you'd like to share is welcome. I ask that you send me your reactions in email. I also ask that you not share any negative reactions publicly during this phase, while there's still time for me to fix errors. You're free to share positive thoughts publicly because it's unlikely that future drafts will make things worse.

Depending on the response, I might not necessarily have you review the work right away. I'd like to keep some readers in reserve in case I need to go through additional more drafts. If when I call on you, you don't have time in your scheduyle, that's perfectly fine. Volunteering does not imply any obligation. There's not an obligation to even finish. If a work doesn't appeal to you, just stop reading. If you're willing to tell me where you were when you wuit, that's helpful, but not required.

I ask that you not share the files with others, though you're more than welcome to have a friend contact me to volunteer to be a reader.

Thanks in advance to those of you interested in a first look. In the case of a novel, I plan to thank all first readers by name in the book. I will also let first readers know when publication is scheduled.