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Denver Comic Con 2017 Interview with Author John E Stith


Denver Comic Con 2017 has come and gone, but there was so many different and interesting things to see and do. There were also several amazing authors who were in attendance at Denver Comic Con as well. One in particular happens to be John E Stith, a science fiction author. He is the author behind Reckoning Infinity and Redshift Rendezvous  and has been nominated for several awards. Take a look at my Denver Comic Con 2017 Interview with Author John E Stith.



PewPewCat: What was your inspiration to becoming an author?
John E Stith: The love of reading is what got me started. Occasionally I would finish reading a wonderful book and wish I could do that for others.


PPC: What are your current favorite things to read/watch for inspiration?
Stith: I don’t really have anything in that category. If I want inspiration, I basically have to sit down at the keyboard and record my thoughts as I search for a topic to write next. I like the mind-mapping program Xmind for putting order to the ideas I come up with, categorizing them, and extending the ones that interest me the most. As Jack London said, “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.”


PPC: What kind of impact/inspiration do you hope your readers obtain by reading your stories?
Stith: First and foremost I hope they are entertained. I hope to appeal to all the senses, including the sense of wonder and the sense of humor. I hope to give them characters to care about, and technology to anticipate, and food for thought about how people work and what the road ahead might entail.


PPC: What are you hopes for the genre of Science Fiction in the future?
Stith: I hope we keep building on the shoulders of those who have gone before and those who are embarking now. I hope SF continues its growth and evolution as we continue to try to guess what we’re going to be when we grow up.


PPC: What advice would you give to an aspiring author who doesn’t know where to start?
Stith: Read voraciously and write every day. Write something, anything, to get the writing muscles stronger. Find work you really enjoy and ask yourself what makes it work. How is it structured? What makes you enjoy it? Find your own issues that excite you, characters you want to spend time with, emotional issues that are important to you, and new worlds you’d like to explore. And then explore them all.