Naught for Hire

John E. Stith is the author of ALL FOR NAUGHT, which collects "Naught for Hire," and "All for Naught" both first appearing in ANALOG. If you hear about "Naught for Hire" verbally, you might think the title is "Not for Hire" but it's not.

NAUGHT FOR HIRE is also now in development with Paramount Digitial as a webisode series set to go into production by early 2012, starrng Ben Browder, with screenplay by Stith and Jeffrey Berman, who is also the producer. Jonathan Kesselman is to direct. Browder is also Executive Producer of the series.

More details will be posted here, on the Naught for Hire website (see below), and the Naught for Hire Facebook group. Also check out the fan community at Naught PI Agency.

NAUGHT FOR HIRE features Nick Naught, a private detective in a dysfunctional near future populated by a multitude of appliances featuring cheaply made AIs with speech recognition and speech synthesis, often mimicking the voices of well-known personalities. The devices are generally designed for the maximum profit potential, meaning they do their jobs ok some of the time and are amazingly frustrating at other times.  At the bottom of the page, see a sample headline from Nick Naught's future.

Get ALL FOR NAUGHT, the book with the original "Naught for Hire" novella.



Check out the Naught for Hire website:

Naught for Hire


Here's the landing page meant for people who hear about Naught for Hire by word of mouth and don't know how it's spelled.