John E. Stith's Miscellaneous Info



A summary of rights available to publishers around the world.

Excerpts from a number of reviews, mostly for use by publishers outside North America.

A list of honors, again mostly for use by publishers outside North America.

Writing career milestones, of possible interest to new writers. Building a writing career is typically a long process.

Descriptions of uncommitted screenplays and projects needing funding, of potential interest to film producers, including a summary of novel film rights still available.

Contact information, including address, phone, fax, and email for novel agent, film agent, publisher.

Material of possible interest to aspiring writers or writers starting their careers, including resources in Colorado.

Links to World Wide Web pages some writers might want to check out.  Resources on collecting SF and Fantasy.

A piece on manned spaceflight written after the Columbia shuttle diasaster.

Information on Neverend Books, for reprints of Stith's work.

Artist Guidelines for spec submissions.

Other Things:

A Quick Guide to Safely Buying Adobe Products on eBay.