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Colorado Springs, Colorado. Here's what I see out the window. It's a constantly updated (once a minute) view of Pikes Peak. If it's night here, you'll see a black screen; if it's very cloudy you'll probably see a white screen. (And FYI, there's no apostrophe in "Pikes Peak." Just goes to show how easy it is to perpetuate errors.) In case you have more of an interest in Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak area, the Colorado Springs Gazette newspaper is on-line.

Writers, Science Fiction, and Mystery: Colorado Authors Page, SFF Net SF/Fantasy/Horror Authors, Science Fiction Resource Guide, Science Fiction Book Club, Science-fiction and Fantasy Writers Association (SFWA), Speculative Fiction of Colorado, Mystery Writers of America (MWA), Science Fiction Weekly, Tor Books.

Writers' pages: Bruce Bethke, Glenn Gillette.

Project Gutenburg, free public domain ebooks.

Science-fictional ideas transformed into a giant evil money-making operation.

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