Manhattan Transfer

Now this book answers the question as to whether or not there is life out there in the universe besides us, by introducing us to a race of aliens, who express their curiosity about mankind in the most extreme fashion by carving the city of Manhattan out of the ground and transporting it and the people within the city limits to a planet far, far away and well...I'm going to leave it at that for the plot because this is an intricate story that needs to be experienced and that's largely due to the fact that Mister Stith does such an incredible job of world building. In fact that's really what we are going to be talking about today when it comes to this review, John's amazing ability to create a world and draw you in because once you open this book up, you're going to have trouble putting it down. ...

It's refreshing to say the least because by getting us right into the story and right into the mess these characters are in, we are instantly part of this world and instantly part of their lives and now we are vested and have to know how it ends, and that's where the fun begins since in no time, you find yourself turning page after page to understand more about this strange new world and the incredible situation the people of Manhattan are now faced with. ...

if you're a fan of science fiction and are looking for a fun novel that delivers a unique idea and wastes no time in giving you everything you want, check out Manhattan Transferyou'll be glad you did.

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Tue, 2016-10-18
Nerds That Geek
John Edward Betancourt