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Manhattan Transfer by John E. Stith

Aliens just kidnapped Manhattan. They picked the wrong city to mess with.

“How can you possibly resist?... Superscience SF in the classic vein, fast-moving, heroic...loaded with sensawunda. You’ll love it.” — Analog

“Some ideas are just too good to pass up... the pleasure is in the nonstop action and the problem the characters must solve.” — New York Review of Science Fiction

“Considerable ingenuity...Think of it as a visually spectacular movie...and a really outstanding, imaginative, and professional production staff and special effects crew working to bring off the big set-pieces and guarantee the thrills.” — Locus

“Fascinating, intelligent account of people—some ordinary, some extraordinary—struggling to define and confront events that are beyond anything they have dared to imagine. One of the better surprise endings to come down the cosmos in light-years.” — Chicago Tribune

“When I read Manhattan Transfer, all I could keep thinking was ’blockbuster movie!’” — Mike Resnick

Stith’s work includes best sellers, a Nebula Award finalist, a Seiun Award finalist, a La Tour Eiffel Science Fiction Book Prize finalist, HOMer Award winners, and Science Fiction Book Club selections.

His work has also appeared on the New York Public Library Best Books for Young Adults list, Science Fiction Chronicle’s List of Year’s Best Novels, and the yearly Locus Recommended Reading Lists.

Cover artwork by Julian Aguilar Faylona. Graphic Design by Kavin King.