New Cover Art for Redshift Rendezvous

Here's more artwork for a planned book cover update. This one is "Cradle World" by Julian Aguilar Faylona, for use with REDSHIFT RENDEZVOUS.

Julian Aguilar Faylona is a Digital Artist and Graphic Designer. After graduating from his Mass Communication studies, he started his career as a feature writer and photographer for a local Civil Service magazine. He found his interest in the creative industry later in his career, which started as a hobby before he embarked on a journey as a freelancer. His works consist mainly of digital artworks ranging from illustrations and concepts, as well as graphic design, mainly focusing on promotional materials and apparels, as well as logos and icons. His site is here.

While the artwork doesn’t literally depict a scene from the novel, it does fit the tone and milieu of REDSHIFT RENDEZVOUS and I think it will make a great cover.

Cradle World by Julian Faylona