New Cover Art for Reunion on Neverend

Next up with the plan to update several book covers is "Outer Space" by Sina Pakzad Kasra for use with REUNION ON NEVEREND. Sina Pakzad Kasra is a concept artist and illustrator working with both traditional and digital media. Born in 1986, He graduated with a BA in Graphic Design (2009). In 2011 he continued his post-grad studies in Animation (MA). His studies gained him more expertise with the principles and elegant details of film making and animation. Publication of his artwork in the book “Prime - The Definitive Digital Art Collection” (2013) and being selected as one of the 50 featured artists in the book “Digital Art Masters: Volume 9” (2014), enhanced his international reputation. Parallel to his professional career in the entertainment industry, he puts effort into his own personal promotions and exhibitions. More of his work is on display at

 "Outer Space by Sina Pakzad Kasra