New Pushback Review by Readers' Favorite

Readers' Favorite reviewed PUSHBACK on 29 March 2019.

"Pushback by John E. Stith is a riveting, gripping thriller. Dave Barlow, a financial advisor, suffers from PTSD after surviving a painful blowout that took away Allison, his fiancée. It has been a year, and he has found new love in Cathy and is looking forward to moving on. But things take an unexpected turn when he arrives at his high school reunion only to feel like a total stranger. What follows is a breakup from Cathy and the same night he receives a threat through a text message. But it is just the beginning of a nightmare and everything points to the fact that someone is out to hurt him badly. Dave has to choose either to stand up and fight or run for his life, but how can he fight an enemy when he doesn’t have a clue of who they are? Follow this engrossing tale to find out what happens next.

"John E. Stith won my heart with the excellent quality of the writing and his unique storytelling skills. An author who knows what it takes to connect readers with characters and stay with them from one exciting page to the next engrossing one. The action is pulsating and Dave’s PTSD rubs off on the reader in ways that are sure and subtle. The characters are genuinely flawed, humanly convincing, and so real you feel as though you share the same space with them. Conflict is deftly handled and it moves the plot in directions that are surprisingly unexpected. Pushback is pulsating, action packed, and beautifully paced. One of those books that grips you from the start and forces you to read on until the exhilarating denouement. "


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