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Los Angeles, CA - (May 3, 2010) - SyFy star Ben Browder has been cast in the title role of the new web series NAUGHT FOR HIRE, created by screenwriter and producer Jeffrey Berman.  He will play private detective Nick Naught, whose anachronistic personality is at odds with the futuristic world he inhabits. Browder is best known for his starring roles on Stargate SG-1 and Farscape, for which he won two Saturns, the leading industry award given by the Academy of Science Fiction Fantasy & Horror films. 

Based on a book by award winning writer, John E. Stith, NAUGHT FOR HIRE is a story told in 13-parts, with an intriguing blend of science fiction and noir.  Set 20 years from tomorrow, in a world where artificial intelligence has been placed in everything mechanical or electronic, Nick Naught is just your typical hard-boiled, down-on-his-luck Private Detective.  Unfortunately for Nick, the A.I. chips are temperamental, leaving him to wade through a horde of low-lifes and criminals, while contending with a car that's in love with him, an answering device that plays pranks on him, and a neurotic elevator that wants to go anywhere but up or down.

In the spirit of pulp-style serialized detective stories, each of NAUGHT FOR HIRE's six-minute episodes will end on a cliffhanger and feature a who's who of celebrity guest voices as the inanimate objects that populate Naught's world.

NAUGHT FOR HIRE is co-written by Jeffrey Berman (Young Robin Hood, The Write Environment) and John E. Stith (Redshift Rendezvous, Manhattan Transfer). Berman's RDRR Productions will produce the series, with Browder coming on as Executive Producer.  Production will commence this summer, and the project will be shot initially as a feature film.  The film will be broken into episodes premiering in December.

"I've been lucky enough to have had a rewarding history in the scifi genre." said executive producer and star Ben Browder. "What NAUGHT FOR HIRE has that sets it apart is a very cool blend of both sci-fi and noir with a sensible dose of humor. As an actor, NAUGHT has the potential to be the 'beginning of a beautiful friendship.'"

"The Sci-Fi genre attracts a loyal following of fans, me among them, and noir is experiencing a renaissance of sorts lately," said series creator Jeffrey Berman, "so I think our series has the potential to appeal to a wide variety of audiences."

He continues, "I'm also delighted with the top-notch talent this project has attracted.  It really shows that the Hollywood community is embracing the opportunities available with New Media." 

Additional cast members include a variety of well-known Sci-Fi stars whose deals are currently pending.

Ben Browder is represented by Gersh and Hank McCann.  Representing Jeffrey Berman is Jennifer Good and The Alpern Group.


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