Pushback Published by ReAnimus Press

PUSHBACK, a new Mystery-Suspense Novel from John E. Stith

Published in multiple formats by ReAnimus Press on November 1, 2018



"Some people dream about going to their high-school reunion in their underwear.  Dave Barlow goes to his and finds himself worse than naked--unrecognized.  A lovely, twisty thriller that moves like a roller coaster--ratcheting up the suspense, then plunging into crisis, or doing a swift loop-the-loop through the flashbacks of PTSD before the climb starts again." -- Diana Gabaldon, New York Times bestselling author of the OUTLANDER series.

"Stith...successfully expands his horizons with this unsettling Hitchcockian thriller.... Judicious use of humor provides some relief from the dark plot line. Fans of Daniel Palmer-esque intelligent suspense will be pleased." -- Publishers Weekly

PUSHBACK is a fast-paced crime novel guaranteed to keep you reading into the night. Accelerating through enough twists and turns to keep you guessing, PUSHBACK ramps up to a heart-pounding ending that will leave you breathless. Stith, known for his award-winning science fiction, really brings it home in his debut mystery. Bring on the next installment!” -– Chris Goff, author of RED SKY.

"... meticulously well-plotted and insightful novel of psychological suspense that plumbs the deepest depths of the human heart and soul." -- Mysterious Book Report

"John Stith's PUSHBACK is a fast-paced ride that gives new definition to the term 'bad week.' Besieged and belittled by a barrage of attacks, Dave Barlow's brutal trek through purgatory is a taut, tense thriller.  Dave Barlow's self-effacing commentary--and John Stith's smooth prose--will have you gobbling up the pages faster than Barlow zooms all over the Pikes Peak region trying to figure out where his life went so terribly, terribly wrong." -- Mark Stevens, author of The Allison Coil Mystery Series including Lake of Fire and The Melancholy Howl

"John Stith long ago showed himself master of the science fiction genre. With PUSHBACK, he proves he’s also a terrific mystery novelist. PUSHBACK is dynamite! Stith takes you on a gripping ride of twists and turns while the tension tightens like a noose, right up to the thrilling conclusion. A sympathetic and enterprising hero and a stop-at-nothing villain will make you just as eager as Dave Barlow to figure out who wants to ruin him. And who wants him dead." -- Barbara Nickless, bestselling author of the Sydney Parnell mystery series.


At his ten-year high-school reunion, Colorado investment counselor Dave Barlow, who suffers from PTSD, finds he doesn't know one person there, and soon realizes he must outwit an unknown antagonist before he winds up dead.

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