REDSHIFT RENDEZVOUS has been re-released by ReAnimus Press. It's available in Trade Paperback and DRM-free ebook formats.

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Redshift Rendezvous

 The Nebula-Award Finalist

One fabulously wealthy colony. One hyperspace craft. One team of ruthless hijackers. One loner in their way. Do the math.

“This is absolutely one of the most terrific ideas for an SF novel I’ve seen in years. My first thought was, ’Why couldn’t I have come up with this?’ My second thought, too.” — Connie Willis

When hijackers use the hyperspace liner Redshift to plunder a fabled colony, one man stands in their way.

WARNING: Read This Guide Before Boarding the Redshift.

The environment aboard a hyperspace craft is quite safe as long as you are careful. The management reminds you that the speed of light on board this craft is ten meters per second. Or about 30 million times slower than what you are used to. This means you will frequently encounter relativistic effects and optical illusions.

“The list of science fiction authors who play the game the hard way by sticking to the rules of science is all too short. Now to that group which includes Clarke, Niven, Asimov, Bear, and Clement should be added the name of John E. Stith.” — Dan Simmons

“In our literature of ideas it isn’t often that an author comes up with something startlingly new, innovative, imaginative, original, wonder-inducing and gripping, all in one novel. Stith has done it.... A remarkable achievement.” — Denver Post

“Mystery and adventure against a fascinating hard science background. This is without question Stith’s best work to date.” — Science Fiction Chronicle

“A high-techie’s delight.” — Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine

“Fascinating” — New York Times Book Review

Stith’s work includes best sellers, a Nebula Award finalist, a Seiun Award finalist, a La Tour Eiffel Science Fiction Book Prize finalist, HOMer Award winners, and Science Fiction Book Club selections.

His work has also appeared on the New York Public Library Best Books for Young Adults list, Science Fiction Chronicle’s List of Year’s Best Novels, and the yearly Locus Recommended Reading Lists.

Cover artwork by Julian Aguilar Faylona. Graphic Design by Kavin King.