Reunion on Neverend

A fast paced, fun mystery with plenty of adventure and excitement.  Set in a mesh of other worlds, Reunion on Neverend successfully took me far away. The world building was magnificent and I could picture the volcanic cave formations on Neverend and the homes and shops carved out of them.  For me, the best part was the mix of characters and how they worked to solve Tessa’s museum mystery.  I knew Lan was hiding a secret from the very beginning, his unbecoming demeanor camouflaged his overwhelming knowledge and physical capabilities. Paired with his much larger friend, Parke, they made an intimidating duo.  Once the group gets together to outwit a duo interested in Tessa’s museum for maniacal means, action, adventure and comedy prevail.  Lan’s means of frustrating the thieves was ingenious and hilarious.  Usually I’m not huge on space adventure, but this science fiction mystery was perfect for me.

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Tue, 2016-10-11
Stephanie's Book Reviews
Stephanie Thornton