Soliciting First Readers for Mystery Thriller

Sun, 2014-07-20

First Readers Sought. If you're interested in being a first reader for my latest novel, I'd very much appreciate it you would email me. (My email is jestith and the domain is

The novel is a mystery thriller set in present-day Colorado.

What I would appreciate knowing is when you think you might be able to get to it (e.g. right away or September, or whatever). I'd also appreciate knowing if you ever read other mystery thrillers, but saying no will not be a problem. Please tell me your email address.

What I ask of you. I welcome any impressions you have. I'm not really going after typos, though you're free to mention them if you like. I'm interested in the things that cause you to like or not like a book--do you care for the characters, is the story entertaining, does the humor work, have I goofed in some of my research? In short, anything you'd like to share is welcome. I ask that you send me your reactions in email. I also ask that you not share any negative reactions publicly during this phase, while there's still time for me to fix errors. You're free to share positive thoughts publicly because it's unlikely that future drafts will make things worse.

Depending on the response, I might not necessarily have you review the book right away. I'd like to keep some readers in reserve so that I can go through a couple more drafts.

When I select you as a reader, I will send you the current draft in electronic form in a couple of formats. Unless I see a number of requests for some additional formats, I'll likely send you html, epub, and mobi formats. That would let you use any web browser, or tools like Kindle. I ask that you not share the files with others, though you're more than welcome to have a friend volunteer to be a reader.

Thanks in advance to those of you interested in a first look.