Tiny Time Machine

Just published on January 15th 2021: TINY TIME MACHINE. TTM is a young adult science-fiction short novel published by Amazing Stories under their Amazing Select imprint for stand-alone books. Buy Here!

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 All life on Earth will die of thirst unless a couple of loners on the run can use a strange time machine to stop a secret project.

An Illustrated Novella, with intro, afterward, and bonus story

Meg is an angry scientist's daughter. Her father is not a mad scientist, just really angry--so angry that he and Meg have rarely spoken since the death of her mother. Meg has become a loner, obsessed with combatting polluters like the ones who triggered her mother's death. And her father has had a different obsession.

When Meg breaks into a paint company to expose their practices, she runs into Josh, another loner out to save the world.

When Meg and Josh suddenly find themselves on the run from the cops, Meg heads for the one man who should always take her in--her father. But when Meg and Josh reach him, they find him dying. Just before he dies, he gives Meg a strange device that looks like a cellphone and tells her to use extreme caution.

When the invention proves to be a time machine that holds the key to humanity's future, Meg and Josh must find a way to do the impossible--to work as a team. They are up against the cops, a powerful billionaire, a Russian profiteer, and a romantic rival. Can they save the world, and save each other?

Praise for Tiny Time Machine:

"John E. Stith is one of our very best writers, and this is one of his very best stories: a big idea explored from every conceivable angle. Tiny Time Machine is a triumph." — Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo, Nebula, and John W. Campbell Memorial Award winner and author of The Oppenheimer Alternative.

"Stith brings a MacGyveresque enthusiasm, a Tom Swiftian innocence and ebullience married to technological savvy, to this story." — Dr Paul Levinson, Hugo, Nebula, and Sturgeon Award nominee, and author of the Phil D'Amato SF mysteries.


This volume features an introduction from Dr. Paul Levinson, author of the acclaimed Phil D'Amato SF mysteries.

Following the story is Stith’s “How I Built a Time Machine ... Story” afterword, which illuminates the evolution of idea into full novella.

Also included is the long out of print short story, "Redshift Runaway," set in the same slow-light universe as Stith's Nebula Finalist novel, Redshift Rendezvous.

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