Reviews of the Works of John E. Stith

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Memory Blank

"[Memory Blank] is a fine book, and one that won't be soon forgotten."

1986-01-01 1986 (Gryphon Books) Science Fiction Detective Tales Gary Lovisi view
Memory Blank

"This story is a must read!...intricate web of intrigue... complex and satisfying ending...This book gets four stars in my opinion!"

1986-01-01 January 1986 CompuServe George Wilhelmsen view
Memory Blank

"Enticing enough to cause you to read it straight through."

1985-12-01 December 1985 Modem Times Jennifer Petkus view

"Entertainingly written."

1985-09-01 September 1985 Science Fiction Chronicle Don D'Ammassa view


1985-08-01 August 1985 Modem Times Jennifer Petkus view

"Well-written and well-plotted, with several surprises. Scapescope is a fine, enjoyable first novel."

1985-07-01 July 1985 Galactic Dispatch Joe Sokola view


1985-02-02 2 February 1985 Cheyenne Edition Nell Womack Evans view

"I hope to see more from Stith."

1984-12-09 9 December 1984 Denver Post Don C. Thompson view

"Tried-and-true Alfred Hitchcock sort of plot."

1984-12-01 December 1984 Mile High Futures Edward Bryant view