Live Interview on #ConversationsLIVE

I did a live interview on Thursday, July 28th 2016. I spoke with Cyrus A. Webb on #ConversationsLIVE. We talked about DEEP QUARRY, MANHATTAN TRANSFER, the gap in my writing career, what's coming in the future, and more. Here's the link to the recording.



One Way to Write a Novel

The short article "One Way to Start a Novel" by John E. Stith has been published by Portland Book Review.

Building Stories with Words

Contributed guest post to Unleashing Readers. "Building Stories with Words" highlights some of the errors seen most frequently from new writers.

Full story here.

The post highlights a number of errors identified in the Manuscript Format page.

Interview with Super Dave Raines

Here's the 3 July 2016 video interview with Super Dave Raines and the Big Show.

DEEP QUARRY release and new interview

Today marks the official re-release of DEEP QUARRY from ReAnimus Press.  There's also a new interview online at Compulsive Reader.

 See also: Books Are Love.

DEEP QUARRY Reviewed in Amazing Stories

DEEP QUARRY was reviewed by David Kilman on 29 June 2016 for AMAZING STORIES. "... good, old-fashioned, sense of wonder SF. ... an excellent read."

Full review here.

Simon Sidekick short story released

Another short story is available for pre-order now: "Simon Sidekick." It will be available in audio form also (narrated by Rich Adams) in a few days. It's from DRAGON MAGAZINE in 1984 and features a boy who gets an AI smart watch as a present. It was reprinted last year in The Moon Miners' Manifesto, the periodical of The Moon Society.

One Giant Step audio short story released

"One Giant Step", a short story, is now available in audio at Amazon and other markets. 


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