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TINY TIME MACHINE 2 published by Amazing Stories

Amazing Stories has just published TINY TIME MACHINE 2: RETURN OF THE FATHER.

Alternate Cover for TINY TIME MACHINE

The original cover for Tiny Time Machine is beautiful, but it suggests the book is target for middle grade readers when in fact the book is meant for young adult and adult. Amazing Stories has therefore published an additional edition, one with a cover meant for the YA market.

Tiny Time Machine

Cover art by Silvio dB. Cover Design by Kavin King.

MANHATTAN TRANSFER Optioned for Television


MANHATTAN TRANSFER, first published by Tor Books and the Science Fiction Book Club, has been optioned in 2022 for television by award-winning producer Sky Conway. The series iwas originally to be called SKYJACKED, but currently is using the original book title. More information here.

Skyjacked artwork


Tiny Time Machine 2 sold to Amazing Stories

Amazing Stories has purchased TINY TIME MACHINE 2: RETURN OF THE FATHER a sequel toTINY TIME MACHINE. Expect to see it in 2023. TTM2 is also a novella-length piece. With luck, a third novella will round out the trilogy in the future.

New Short Story in NATURE

A new John E. Stith short-short story was published today (17 March 2021) in NATURE. A school prank turns a student green. Editor Collin Sullivan brilliantly scheduled it for St. Patrick's Day. "Chlorophyllis."

Artwork copyright 2021 by Jacey. Used with permission.

New TINY TIME MACHINE Interview with Wild About Authors

A new interview about Tiny Time Machine is online now, this one with Wild About Authors. It also contains a plug for our favorite local bookstore, Hooked on Books.

TINY TIME MACHINE Published by Amazing Stories

TINY TIME MACHINE has just been published on January 15th 2021. TTM is a young adult science-fiction short novel published by Amazing Stories under their Amazing Select imprint for stand-alone books. Buy Here!


Tiny Time Machine ad

Short Story Published in Daily Science Fiction

A new John E. Stith short-short story was published today (11 September 2020) in Daily Science Fiction. It's a mix of time travel and spamming. "Bob, We Really Need Your Help"

Short Story published in NATURE

A new John E. Stith short-short story was published today (15 July 2020) in NATURE. It's a mix of time travel and bureaucracy. "Goodbye, Howard Henning"


Video with Book Excerpt for Super Relaxed Fantasy Club

For the Super Relaxed Fantasy Club (SRFC) in the UK, I recorded a short video that includes an excerpt from the upcoming novella TINY TIME MACHINE. I also talk extremely briefly about a few favorite SF books. I think the club's normal pattern is to have folks stop in for a drink and a chat, but that format has obviously been disrupted.


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