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Review of Five Old Works of SF for Newbies

Here's a short review of five older science fiction novels you might enjoy: Hal Clement's NEEDLE, Clifford Simak's WAY STATION, H Beam Piper's LITTLE FUZZY, John Wyndham’s THE CHRYSALIDS, and Alan Nourse's STAR SURGEON. See the reviews at Shelf Pleasure.

REUNION ON NEVEREND Re-Released on 1 October 2016

REUNION ON NEVEREND has been re-released today by ReAnimus Press in ebook and trade paperback in all the major markets, including Amazon. It has a terrific new cover by Sina Pakzad Kasra.

Cosy Dragon Interview

Here's an interview done with The Cosy Dragon.

Rocky Mountain Geek Tank Interview

Here's an audio interview done with Rocky Mountain Geek Tank.

Groovey.TV Interview

Here's an interview at Groovey.TV. Interview conducted by Meli Guess.

DEEP QUARRY Reviewed by Velvet and Vibranium

Kelly Hoggons at Velvet and Vibranium reviewed DEEP QUARRY.  "This book I really enjoyed. It has a bit of everything.... It was a really good read."

See the full review here.

MANHATTAN TRANSFER featured on Mel's Shelves

MANHATTAN TRANSFER was featured on Mel's Shelves today.

IO9 piece on what really wiped out the dinosaurs

"What Really Wiped out the Dinosaurs" on IO9 mentions "One Giant Step," a short story available in ebook and audio.

Beyond the Trope Audio Interview Online

There's a new John E. Stith audio interview online now at Beyond the Trope.

The full link to the interview is here.



MANHATTAN TRANSFER has been re-released by ReAnimus Press. It's available in Trade Paperback and DRM-free ebook formats.

ebook on Amazon

Trade Paperback on Amazon

All editions at ReAnimus Press


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